Nature Abounds™, a national 501c3 non-profit organization with offices in Washington and Pennsylvania, encourages people to Unplug from the societal "norms", Wake Up to the natural world around them, and to Take Action for a healthier environment. To do so, we RISE to the occasion:


  • Raise awareness through education, action, and inspiration. 
  • Inform about environmental issues. 
  • Strengthen the voice of action. 
  • Engage all ages in creating healthier communities and a healthy planet where people and wildlife can co-exist peacefully.

Found in 2008 by friends Melinda Hughes and Jim Wert, Nature Abounds has already launched several successful programs nationally, including IceWatch USA,Watch the Wild, and Turtle Ambassadors. Likewise, the organization has acquired and revitalized the Senior Environment Corps, a group of senior citizens volunteering for the planet, and Natural Biodiversity, a program focused on restoring the landscape.  To date, Nature Abounds has engaged more than 13,000 volunteers across all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and beyond.

My name is Maximillian (friends call me Max) Terrepene. I was born on May 1, 2000.

I was brought home by a child when I was really small (illegally), and as the child grew he lost interest in me so the family just took me out into the woods and released me.  

Before they released me, I watched them using their computer and saw the Nature Abounds page when they were looking at the Watch the Wild program. Well, long story short I am a smart guy and I remembered the address.

I stopped by the Nature Abounds office and asked them if they could help me spread the word about myself and my relatives and friends I met along my travels to get to their office.

Nature Abounds told me they would help in any way they could if I could help teach them what I know. I, of course, agreed because I realized that without them knowing what me and my relatives are dealing with how could the know how to change things and make it better for all of us.

I plan on working with the staff at Nature Abounds for the rest of my life (another 90+ years if all goes well) spreading the word about turtles also called tortoises and teaching all I know about my other friends in the wild that I've met in my journeys. 

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We often work with other groups to achieve more for the environment.  The list of coalitions below is just a sampling of who we work with. 


Alaska Coalition

The Endangered Species Coalition

Our Arctic Ocean Coalition

Choose Clean Water Coalition

Healing Our Waters Coalition

Land and Water Conservation Fund Coalition

National Phenology Network

Teaming with Wildlife

West Branch Susquehanna Restoration Coalition

Clean Power Plan Coalition - Pennsylvania

Growing Greener (PA) Coalition