Climate Change: Get Involved


Nature Abounds is bringing people together to work on environmental issues including climate change, a serious issue facing our planet, from extreme weather events to disruptions in our food sources, and from changing wildlife patterns to increased health risks. We hope this website will give people ideas on how they can be part of the solution. Working together, we can make a difference for our families, our communities, and for the planet. 


Climate Change Ambassadors
Climate Change Ambassador volunteers reach out to new audiences about climate change, the impacts of climate change, and how people can help..

IceWatch USA

IceWatch USA volunteers observe a waterway in their community over the winter season, reporting on winter precipitation and wildlife activity.  

Watch the Wild
Watch the Wild volunteers observe and report on the "wild" in their community, from trees and plants to lakes and streams to weather and wildlife activity.

Turtle Ambassadors

Turtle Ambassador volunteers reach out to new audiences about turtles and tortoises, the dangers they face, as well as ways that people can help turtles and tortoises. Climate change is a major threat to turtles and tortoises.

Crafters for a Cause

Crafty volunteers help to address issues such as oil spills affecting wildlife and taking items like plastic bags and recycling them into useful products such as mat beds for the homeless or to be used in natural disasters.


Take Action

  ​Inside Your Home

  1. Change your light bulbs from incandescent bulbs to either fluorescent or LED lights.
  2. Buy Energy Star approved products such as appliances.
  3. Plant native trees to help absorb carbon. 
  4. Seal and insulate your home. 
  5. Heat and cool smartly - change air filters and use a programmable thermostat.
  6. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. 
  7. Use water efficiently.
  8. Talk to friends and family about ways they can help.
  9. Support leaders that are working on climate change by protecting ecosystems and wildlife or that are passing laws that reduce greenhouse gasses. 
  10. Donate to organizations like Nature Abounds that are working on climate change. 
  11. Eat less red meat. Some families now have "meatless Mondays".

In Your Yard

  1. Plant native trees to help absorb carbon. 
  2. Use water efficiently, 
  3. Water plants at night or early morning only. 
  4. Compost your food and yard waste.

On the Go

  1. Use public transportation, walk, or set up a car pool. If you need a car, buy one that gets good gas mileage. 
  2. Maintain your car, including tire pressure. 
  3. Use renewable fuels when possible. 
  4. Drive smart - not too much gas and not too much brakes. 

At the Office

  1. Set your equipment to power down when not in use.
  2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  3. Heat and cool smartly.
  4. Use water efficiently.
  5. Develop a greenhouse gas inventory to measure and manage your impact.​